Observational native bee nest box


An unusual and educational gift for bee lovers, especially loved by children!

You'll enjoy:

  • A window into a solitary bee lifecycle: see the creation of nest cells first-hand, including pollen provision, egg laying, larval development, cocoon spinning, and emergence!
  • Square tunnel style makes it easy to clean and maintain your bee nesting box: a flathead screwdriver is all you need to ready the box for new occupants (and even optionally remove cocoons for safe winter storage)
  • Comes with everything you need to install, including a mounting screw and tips for picking the best place to put your bee nest box to attract bees
  • Attracts a large number of bees for a healthy population: 12 tunnels on each side of the unit (with space for up to a dozen nest cells within each tunnel) means that you might end up housing well over 200 bees!

Bees will love:

  • 24 perfectly-sized nest tunnels of optimal length and diameter, all ready for bees to move in (including neatly sanded tunnels)
  • Safe for bees: made with natural (untreated) fir, and weatherproofed with a light varnish on the exterior surfaces only for years of maintenance-free use
  • Encourages a population of orchard bees in spring or leafcutter bees in summer

A few details:

  • Lovingly handcrafted to order by Elise's father Stan in California
  • Measures 9″ x 12″ (not including back panel height)
  • Bee-tested and approved!

Ships within one week

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