For the love of bees

Hello! I’m Elise Fog. I adore bees. My garden is literally buzzing from early spring through fall. And I love sharing the buzziness with those who pass by, as you are right now!

Here you’ll find a glimpse into the often unseen world of Oregon’s bees and other insects. There are many, many bees on this website. I also focus on their close relatives, wasps. And if something else with six legs scurries or flits into my viewfinder, you may find it here too!

If you’ve met me in person, you may have heard me talk about the importance of bees. We have around 4,000 different types of bees in the U.S. (with all sorts of different bee lifestyles)… around 500 species just in Oregon!¬†Buzz by my site¬†Save Bees to learn more about why pollinators are in trouble and find out how you can help.

If you’re near Sisters in Oregon, swing by Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery to see some of my bees in person! I so appreciate any support for my photography… any proceeds go to more bee habitat, more bee photography, and more sharing of the surprising, wondrous, and utterly vital world of bees :)