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The latest camera modifications

Canon 6D with MP-E 65mm and MT-24EX

Now weighing in at 6 pounds 8 ounces! So, this is a Canon 6D with my trusty MP-E 65mm 1x-5x macro zoom lens, and the MT-24EX dual macro flash. The flash headsย are attached to FotoPro DMM-903 macro flash arms, and have been modified with extra diffusion and light bouncing material inside, fronted by a pair of Gary Fong’s Puffers. There’s also a Canon compact battery pack to boost the flash (which is always in use even in daylight, as not a lot of natural light gets into this lens), so in total I’m using 10 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (Eneloop Pro). ย It’s all manual focus, and I’m typically just a couple of inches away from my subject… I’m surprised I can blend in at this point ;)